• Would you like more confidence, self-esteem, self-love and acceptance?
  • Would you like to show up as the best version of yourself all the time?
  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?
  • Would you like to feel happier?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?
  • Are you afraid of taking risks?
  • Are you feeling lost because everything in your life has changed?
  • Would you like more motivation?
  • Are your auditions not representative of your potential?
  • Do you self-sabotage with self-doubt and fear?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a failure because you can't seem to get control over your weight or over food?
  • Do you crave inner peace?
  • Do you use food as a drug?
  • Do you ever wonder if it’s going to be possible to have fun without feeling guilty?
  • Do you have difficulty feeling entitled to true happiness?
  • Do you ever find yourself lost in layers of guilt and shame ruminating over mistakes that you cannot forgive yourself for?
  • Do you ever wonder why you constantly doubt yourself?
  • Do you wish you could feel comfortable and confident in your own body?
  • Do you question why you just can’t seem to get beyond a certain point no matter how hard you try?
  • Have you lost your passion for what you do?
  • Are you searching for clarity for your vision of where you want to be?
  • Have you lost all faith in your inner voice and/or intuition?


I work with smart professionals, creatives, and performing artists who want to get unstuck so that they can move forward, reach their potential and create the career, business and life they desire. My coaching helps with the clarity, confidence and courage needed to achieve what you desire in your personal and professional life. In addition, my unique background has empowered me to inspire and guide clients through all sorts of life passages and transitions (both minor and devastating) into profound growth and transformation. Another specialty of mine is creating happiness as a default state of being. Together we work on:


  • Getting crystal clear on your end goal that’s in line with who you are at your core and what’s important to you.
  • Creating a success strategy to help you get there
  • Overcoming any blocks, obstacles and challenges
  • Mastering your psychology
  • Maximizing your skills, strengths, environment, and time
  • Support, motivation and encouragement to keep you on track
  • Accountability
  • Celebration





I work with young opera singers who are struggling with imposter syndrome achieve confidence and improved self-esteem so that they can manifest and enjoy the career and life of their dreams.

As a former world-class opera and concert singer, I have a unique understanding of what singers experience, how they think, what life is like in this career and the unique challenges it offers. In addition, my experience with 2 TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), a devastating car accident and a brain tumor also offers a unique ability to understand not only what it is to transition from a career that is one’s life purpose and identity, but also what true resilience is. As all singers know, resilience is fundamental to creating a solid opera career. In addition, I am a highly educated, certified and masterful coach, with separate credentials in Performance, Leadership and Wellbeing.

I help opera singers who struggle with their inner critics, body image, weight loss, resilience, self-esteem, stress, and “imposter syndrome” (as well as guilt over personal relationships and parental challenges) achieve improved confidence, self-acceptance, mental and emotional focus, and balance in every aspect of their lives. I partner with them using a proven 7-step program empowering them to go from functional to optimal. My clients experience success integrating their professional and personal lives, and they reach their greatest potential. They are not only able to consistently perform at their best, but are also able to be successful entrepreneurs of their own careers. The end result of this work together is that they can achieve anything to which they set their minds and hearts, and have the mental, emotional and physical resilience to create and maintain the career of their dreams without sacrificing a fulfilled personal life.