“Jann is an absolute gem! She was my very first Coach and certainly a memorable one. I loved how attentive and insightful Jann was with me. She was always patient and truly met me where I was. She pushed me to set goals and stick to them and worked with me when I felt stuck or less than confident. With Jann’s support, I was able to complete tasks at work that I never thought I would get through and get clear about my business endeavors. Since working with Jann, I was able to drop the physical weight I needed to drop to get healthy and confident as well as the emotional weight of my former job. She is absolutely incredible!”

Kristin Y.
Founder of Living The Vows
Baltimore, MD

“My coaching experience with Jann was like receiving the ultimate B-vitamin shot, except this one feels permanent! Her seemingly endless ‘You can do this!’ enthusiasm and generous spirit is an invaluable example of how life will express itself joyfully and uninhibited when we allow it Her energy seems endless! With her vibrant example and laser-like intent, she provided an unparalleled feeling of unconditional support and showed me ways to experience this exhilarating flow first hand. Jann is devoted to taking the time to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations, educated to your success and finding new ways to support you. Working with Jann, I was able to not only get clear about my business goals but also have the confidence, focus, engagement and motivation to make great strides in finally getting my business off the ground and growing it by leaps and bounds in ways I had only dreamt of. I can’t thank her enough for her ‘heart-to-heart’ communication. She is a gift to our world.”

Life and Divorce Coach

“Jann Jaffe is an extremely caring individual and her coaching is bound to help anyone break barriers and move to the next level. She has extremely good listening skills which seem to pick up even the slightest nuances of tension. Jann is an excellent communicator and explains concepts and ideas clearly and in detail. She has a great variety of techniques and tools to help her identify client’s challenges and strengths and help them chart their way toward their goals. I am so thankful for having Jann’s help and empathy during a tremendously challenging time in my life.”

Cathy Achino,
Doula and Birthing Instructor

“I have come to know Jann as both a coach and friend over the last 3 years. Her deeply insightful, heart-centered approach to coaching has been of tremendous value to me. I have grown as a coach, an entrepreneur and a human being during this time, and Jann has been a significant source of the inspiration and support that has made this growth possible.”

Brian Reinthaler
Founder, Against the Grain Coaching
New Jersey